Features of Small Business Sites

Our small business site solution allows you to post many forms of information:

•Basic Text
•Photo Galleries
•Embedded video from youtube
•Coupons - Built right on the site
•Facebook or Twitter feeds
•Contact form
•Link to a document
•Images with text information
•Facebook post feeds on your site
•User interaction to Twitter & Facebook

Sites are Mobile Ready.
Over 61 Million smartphones are in use today and that number will continue to rise. What does that mean to small businesses? Current and potential customers are trying to access your website from a mobile device.

Our websites are mobile ready. Not only is a website that is built on our platform able to recognize that a mobile device is trying to access the website, but it displays a different design that makes it easy for smartphone users to view the most important information about the company that they are looking for.

Socially Friendly:
As social media websites have grown, so has business demands to allow for social interaction with their website. Sites built with our technology allow users to easily share your information with their Facebook friends or Twitter followers. Let social media work for you to drive traffic and user interaction.