Ad Placement Information

Whether you wish to pinpoint a specific market or blanket an entire region, we can do it for you. We can place your print advertisement into any publication you choose.

How it works:
• We work with you to determine which markets fit your needs.
• We will advise on specific publications to reach your specific needs.
• We work with you to develop, create and proof an effective ad design.
• We manage all the placement details with the selected publications.
• You receive one bill at the end of the month for all advertisements we coordinate.

What you gain:
• Time - One call can be made to manage all your print advertising. Imagine…fewer ad reps to deal with, one design to create and just one ad to proof. This program offers you great time savings.

• One sales rep. - All newspapers are not the same. Managing various deadlines, rates, publication dates, ad sizes, etc. can be cumbersome. Let us do this for you.

• Consistent ad design - It is proven that a consistent ad design and campaign is most effective. Our placement service assures that your business image and your
advertising message will be consistent in all the papers we work with.

• Simplified billing - At the end of the month you get one consolidated advertising
statement. One statement to review, one bill to pay.

• Experience - We deal with various newspaper groups every day. We understand the business of print advertising and offer to you all our knowledge and experience.

We routinely place advertisements throughout Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa. If that's not enough, we have worked with publications as far away as Wisconsin, Louisiana, and Texas.